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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Year of Less of Me

In my last post I promised "more later." Well, it's later.

Aside from the obvious meaning of the post title marking 2007 as "The Year Ryan Hardly Blogged At All," this was also the year that I finally started getting in shape. Without going into excessive detail, I'll just say that I now weigh 24% less than I did at the beginning of May.

I'm afraid I have no great secret to share. I haven't gone on any kind of exciting, cutting edge diet, I've just adjusted my lifestyle to eat less, eat healthier, and exercise more. We did do a month of Nutrisystem to kick things off, and although I don't think I could've done it for much longer than that, it served very well to help me break bad eating habits.

Everyone's first comment is that I must feel so much better. Well, I guess. You know how you don't really notice yourself growing up or changing over time until you see an old picture because you see yourself every day? It's the same principle: I lived in my body every day, so I couldn't notice the gradual changes. I only noticed improvements when I exerted myself without getting winded or when I had to move down to a smaller clothing size.

Speaking of clothing, that has been my biggest problem. Since I was trying to avoid buying clothes (especially pants) in sizes that I expected to only move through temporarily, I've been having trouble dressing. Well, I've really only had trouble on the rare dress occasions, but that was enough. At any rate, I think I've just about leveled out at a good weight/size, and since I got a good supply of clothing-related gift cards for Christmas (at my emergency request) I should be adequately clothed as soon as I have a chance to go shopping.

Heather Marie gave me a great book on men's fashion for Christmas, so I'm planning to use this opportunity to really plan my wardrobe. I'll basically be starting from scratch, and one of my main goals is to cover all the essentials as minimally as possible while eliminating lots of the clothes that I don't actually wear.

So, since I have the weight thing under control, what are my resolutions for 2008? I think my main one is to make 2008 the "Year of More of Me," in the sense that I want to be much more active and visible in my blog and projects. The first part of that will entail more frequent blog posts. In the interest of convenience (and catch-up), I'll probably start primarily by finishing posts I've been working on or putting off for a long time, intermingled with new posts.

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo's Big Scary Fun Things, I've got several ideas for year-long projects I'm considering -- with varying degrees of public visibility and scariness. I'll post about them soon. For right now, we need to go practice our ballroom dancing.

Yes, that's one of my BSFTs for this year....

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